Town of Pittsboro

We designed this website for the Town of Pittsboro, Indiana. One of our primary objectives was to make the website mobile-friendly and easy for the residents of Pittsboro to navigate and find information. We accomplished that with a responsive design that is optimized for touch-devices.

One of the big challenges on this project was Pittsboro’s large archive of documents in PDF form that needed to be stored on the website. We developed intuitive user interface to search and filter the entire database of documents. In addition, we rendered the documents in the browser, eliminating the need to download the files in order to view them.

In addition, we incorporated news articles, an events calendar, job postings and job applications. We also embedded Pittsboro’s three Facebook feeds into their home page.


Client: Town of Pittsboro, Indiana

Location: Pittsboro, Indiana

Business Type: Local Government

Services: Website Design, Maintenance & Security

Design Objectives

Design new website to replace existing website

 Easy to navigate and find information

 Mobile friendly



Document database with simple-to-use search feature

Upcoming events organized by department

Online job openings and job applications

Screenshots of Website

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