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The Challenge

Hunter’s Honey Farm’s existing website functioned, but had a number of issues:

  • An extremely dated look and feel.
  • Could be displayed in miniature on mobile devices, but was barely usable.
  • Since it was integrated with their accounting software, keeping the website content up-to-date was difficult and time-consuming.

As a result Hunter’s their online sales had been declining for several years.

Owner, Tracy Hunter, had a number of requirements for the new website:

  • Include the latest website design features, but maintain a folksy, hometown, hand-crafted look and feel.
  • Since they sell retail and wholesale, they needed to offer shipping via UPS and the U.S. Postal Service.
  • Process credit card charges through their existing merchant account.


Our Solution

TRG Web Designs developed a new website for Hunter’s Honey Farm using:

  • WordPress as the platform.
  • WooCommerce as the e-commerce engine
  • Custom code and other software to provide unique features like recipes, tours and events.

As part of the project, we also designed a new logo for Hunter’s Honey Farm.

Our implementation included:

  • A cloud-based hosting platform configured with Secure Socket Layers (SSL)
  • Credit card processing via Authorize.Net
  • Integration with UPS, U.S. Postal Service and to display real-time rates, print labels, pay postage and automatically assign tracking numbers.
  • Google Analytics to monitor website traffic, especially shopping cart and checkout activity so that abandoned carts issues could be analyzed and improved.

Logo Design

For Hunter’s Honey Farm, we designed two logos:

  • The primary logo had an emblem containing a bee to the left and their name on the right.
  • We also created a round emblem logo for places where the wide emblem wouldn’t fit (e.g., the site icon shown when the site is saved to a smartphone’s home page).

Read more about the logo design for Hunter’s Honey Farm in our article: The Long Journey to a New Logo.

Hunter's Honey Farm - New Wide Logo

New Wide Logo

Hunter's Honey Farm - New Round Logo (Emblem)

New Round Logo (Emblem)

Home Page Design


Hunter's Honey Farm's Old Home Page

Old Home Page Design

(Click to see full page)

First Manuscript - New Home Page Design

New Home Page Design

(Click to see full page)

Shop Page Design

The new website’s shop page greets visitors with pictures of the most popular products at the top of the page and options to search or browse by category. The page will display anywhere from one to five products horizontally, depending on the width or the screen or browser window.

Hunter's Honey Farm Old Shop Page

Old Shop Page

Hunter's Honey Farm New Shop Page

New Shop Page

Product Page Design


Hunter's Honey Farm - Old Product Page

Old Product Page

Hunter's Honey Farm - New Product Page

New Product Page

Other Custom Features


Hunter's Honey Farm - Sample Recipe Page


Hunter's Honey Farm - Sample Tour Page


Mobile Friendly Design

We incorporated a number of features to make the new site mobile-friendly.

  • We employed responsive design techniques where we detect the size of the user’s screen and format the pages for that specific size.
  • We made the fonts large enough to be easily read from mobile devices.
  • We sized buttons and icons so they can be easily tapped and spaced them far enough apart to to avoid accidental taps on the wrong object.
Responsive Design Examples

Website Traffic Statistics

We implemented two different techniques to capture and report website activity.

Jetpack Site Stats

We added Jetpack Site Stats to provide the Hunter’s Honey Farm users easy access to website traffic statistics from inside the administration panel.

Image of Jetpack Site Stats

Google Analytics

We also incorporated website traffic tracking using Google Analytics to provide more detailed statistics like this Funnel Visualization of the Cart Checkout process.

Image of Funnel Visualization of Cart Checkout Process in Google Analytics

Other Website Design Services


A caching engine stores optimized copies of pages and images to speed website performance.


A firewall monitors activity, blocks malicious behavior and locks out anyone who attempt to hack the website.

Cloud Backup

Automated cloud backups of the website run several times per day, enabling fast recovery the site if ever needed.


We provided training on adding new products, recipes, tours and every thing else needed to manage their website.

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