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New Website Design, E-Commerce, Transfer to New Host, Newsletter Design, Search Engine Optimization

The Challenge

When Kent Allison and Scott Tyler acquired Growl Wear, a specialty T-shirt company, the business included a website with an online store. The new owners were consumed with:

  • physically relocating the business and equipment
  • learning the operational details required to run the business
  • preparing for a major event that constituted a significant portion of the business’s annual sales.

In addition, neither had the expertise to manage the transfer of the website.

Our Solution

TRG Web Designs assumed full responsibility for the website. In a few hours, we:

  • transferred the domain to the new owners
  • set up a new hosting service
  • moved the website to a new server

Then we focused on developing a new website design. After listening to Kent and Scott’s vision and providing options, we completely revamped the site with the features described below.

Home Page

In our new design of the Growl Wear website, we removed clutter from the home page so that it provided key information and directed visitors to the online store.

Growl Wear - Old Home Page Design

Old Home Page Design

Growl Wear - New Home Page Design

New Home Page Design

Shop Page

The Shop Page is the primary entry point to Growl Wear’s online store. In our new website design we improved this by:

  • Removing product categories and the need for visitors to access additional pages to view products.
  • Displaying the full inventory of products (up to 50 products per page)
  • Adding filters across the top which allow users to choose categories, sizes and/or colors. The list of products is instantly updated as the user makes selections.
Growl Wear - Old Shop Page Design

Old Shop Page Design

Growl Wear - New Shop Page Design

New Shop Page Design

Product Pages

Product pages are instrumental in motivating visitors to make a purchase. In our redesign, we:

  • Eliminated the box the tabbed section below the image
  • Used the space freed to add images of related products to boost sales.
  • We added a big, prominently colored Add To Cart button.
  • Made it easy for visitors to share the page by adding floating social media buttons along the left margin.
Growl Wear - Old Product Page Design

Old Product Page

Growl Wear - New Product Page Design

New Product Page

Responsive Website Design

Works on Tablets and Smartphones

We incorporated responsive website design concepts so the new site works effectively on tablets and smartphones.

The Growl Wear website now detects the size of the user’s screen and formats the pages for that specific device. Which means that customers can browse the store and make purchases from any device.

Growl Wear Responsive Design Examples


The previous owners of Growl Wear had sent out occasional newsletters using MailChimp. We carried the same palette and other features from our new website design to the newsletter.

Then we integrated the website with MailChimp so that whenever new products are added to the Growl Wear store, a newsletter is emailed to every subscriber on the following morning.

Old Growl Wear newsletter design

Old Newsletter Design

New Growl Wear newsletter design

New Newsletter Design

Search Engine Optimization

Growl Wear Search Result

We worked with the Growl Wear team to understand the search keywords that were most likely to be used by customers. Then we fine tuned their website using search engine optimization techniques to improve their page rankings. In other words, when customers searched for those keywords, Growl Wear’s pages appeared higher in the listings. We also setup the Sitelinks on Google (as shown in the image to the left) and Bing to maximize the probabilty that searchers will click through to the Growl Wear website.

Other Website Design Services


We implemented a caching engine to improve website performance by decreasing the load time for pages and images.

Cloud Backup

We implemented complete daily backup of the website through the cloud. This enables us to recover the site quickly, if ever needed.

Custom Add-Ons

We wrote custom modules to sync inventory counts with Square and newsletter subscribers with MailChimp.


We provided training on adding new products, blog posts, newsletters and every thing else needed to manage their website.



Sales Increase

Online Sales Are Up! Using our new website design, the new owners achieved a 68% increase in online sales during their first seven months of operation compared to the prior year.

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