Maintenance and Monitoring

We offer a Maintenance and Monitoring service that provides the following:

  1. A firewall to protect your website from hackers.
  2. Monitoring and response to active hacking attempts.
  3. Prompt installation of security patches.
  4. Encrypted website backups to another server in the cloud.
  5. Free recovery and disinfection if your website gets hacked.
  6. Minor changes to your website at no charge.

Why Hackers Want Control of Your Website

How real is the possibility of your website of being attacked by hackers?

Every website’s security is tested by bots deployed by hackers on a regular basis. At the time we composed this page, here is a summary of our recent hacking attempts.

Why would hackers want to crack into your website?

Once the have control, they can spew spam, distribute malware and perform other nefarious activities without little chance of their activities being tracked.

How Hackers Gain Access to Websites

 Hackers use two basic approaches to gain control of websites.

 Via credentials (username/password). When a popular site gets hacked (like Yahoo, LinkedIn, etc.), they use the usernames/passwords they steal. Their bots can pepper your website with hundreds, even thousands of login attempts per minute.

  1. Via login credentials. This is often accomplished by brute force guessing of usernames and passwords by bots that can send hundreds, even thousands, of login attempts per minute.
  2. Via known software vulnerabilities. Once a new flaw is discovered, hackers deploy bot networks to find websites where the flaw can be exploited.

Every website needs to be protected.

Website Monitoring and Maintenance Service Details

Cloud Backups

We install software that backs up your complete website on a regular schedule (daily, weekly, etc.) based on the frequency that you update your site.

The backups are encrypted and stored on another server in the cloud. In the event that your website gets hacked, we can wipe the server clean and reinstall the image of your website from the previous day in a few hours. The only information that would be lost is any information you added after the last backup was created.

Currently, we use UpdraftPlus to perform and encrypt the backups and Google Drive for cloud storage. We purchase an annual license to use UpdraftPlus on your website and pay Google a monthly fee for Drive space.

A Website Firewall

We install a firewall (WordFence) on your website that monitors traffic. When the firewall detects malicious behavior, it blocks the action.

The firewall also monitors login attempts and locks out IP addresses whose login efforts fail multiple times. This prevents brute force attempts to guess login credentials.

WordFence also notifies us when security updates are published for any of the software products that are used on your website.

We pay an annual fee to WordFence to use their service on your website.

Monitor and Respond

The firewall works quietly on its own. However, if a spike in malicious activity occurs, it notifies us. We investigate and, if needed, take action to deny access to the website to the IP addresses involved.

We also scan your website on a regular basis for any malicious or suspicious files. If any are detected, we will investigate and take the appropriate action.

Security Patches

Whenever we receive a notice that a new security update has been published, we install the patch on your website. We do this at least once per week. Sometimes even more often.

Since it is possible that a software update might negatively affect your website, we always backup the website first, apply the updates and test. If the website demonstrates any problems, we restore the backup — and then work with the software provider to resolve the issue.

Free Recovery if Your Website Gets Hacked

In the unlikely situation where hacker’s gain control of your website, we will recover and disinfect your website at no charge.

Minor Changes to Your Website at No Charge

As a courtesy to our clients who purchase this service, we provide minor updates to their websites at no charge.

Generally, these are things like updating the content on a page with different wording, changing a photo or adding a new upcoming event.

If the scope of the work is more significant, we provide a quote.


The threat of your website getting hacked is real. During 2016, an average of 37,000 website were hacked each day.

If your website gets hacked, recovering the website will cost plenty, not to mention lost business due to website downtime. There is also the possibility of the hack becoming public knowledge, which can damage the image and reputation of your business that you’ve worked hard to establish.


Don’t wait until it’s too late. Contact us today and we’ll get your website secured.

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