Title: Website Designer Intern
Reports to: President
Date: Starting early 2020
Hours: 15-20 hours per week
Pay: $10-$15/hour based on
Location: TRG Web Designs office at zWorks in Zionsville, IN, and after training and onboarding, the opportunity to work remotely.

About TRG Web Designs

TRG Web Designs is an Indianapolis-based website design company serving local businesses and community organizations. TRG Web Designs designs custom websites, mostly using WordPress as the platform. We also provide other website-related services including website maintenance and security, search engine optimization and digital marketing services. For more information on the company and its services, please visit https://trgwebdesigns.com.

Company Fit

TRG Web Designs is looking to fill this role with a person who aligns with our company values:

Value #1: Be a Self-Starter

  • Take ownership of issues, develop solutions and fix problems
  • Be a team player. Collaborate and assist as needed.
  • Prioritize your responsibilities and complete them with excellence

Value #2: Be Transparent

  • Respectful candor is more important than respectful niceness
  • Proactively address conflicts and affirm successes with colleagues
  • Show respect to all personality styles

Value #3: Never Stop Learning

  • Always be open to growing and learning
  • Take time to share your expertise with others
  • Be curious in all projects and in interactions with customers and colleagues

Internship Summary

The Website Designer Intern will play a key role in designing and developing websites for clients, providing ongoing maintenance and customer service.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Create new website pages following design style guides.
  • Update clients’ existing website pages with fresh content in a manner consistent with their website design style.
  • Extend existing websites with new features as requested by clients.
  • Migrate websites from our development servers to clients’ production hosting environment.
  • Monitor website security notifications for issues needing attention. Investigate and escalate as needed.
  • Apply security patches to websites as new updates are released.
  • Performing other related tasks as requested.

Competencies Desired

  • The following are core competencies sought to perform these responsibilities:
  • Basic understanding with website design concepts
  • Some familiarity with website development languages (HTML, CSS, JS)
  • Superior verbal and written communication skills
  • Excellent attention to detail

Outcomes/Measures of Success

  • Completion of work in expected timeframe
  • Error-free website content created/updated for clients
  • Contributions to team activities and meetings


Send a 1-page cover letter and 1-page resume to Tom Greer, President, at tom.greer@trgwebdesigns.com.

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